We’ve made no attempt to hide the fact that here at StanceWorks, we are a diehard group of BMW fans. It can often be tough for us to deviate from German steel to provide our readers with content that is more appealing on a broad scope, but if you’ve been around long enough, you know that sometimes we fall back to our roots. Season after season, the S|W garage has gotten older and older, with an E10 parked in the shop and an E9 just outside…


When we pulled up outside of CEC’s showroom in LA, we knew the evening was bound to be interesting when parked on the curb was a Mercedes SLR and an SLS behind it. The occasion? Recaro’s LA Auto Show party for the new Recaro Pro Racer Ultima 1.0.

As explained to us by Recaro, the seat revolutionizes safety.
“In 1996, the “Pro Racer” was the world’s first racing shell with side head protectors, which revolutionised safety in motor sport..


A Work In Progress

Ben Terry

Every one of us can relate to the saying “It’s a work in progress.” The words show that you still aren’t quite happy with how something currently stands. It may be minute details that others will fail to notice, but when completed it’ll make your creation “finished.”

That’s the way Ben Peterson was feeling about his MKV at the end of last year. It wasn’t quite where he wanted it, so as expected, he dove further into the project.


A lot goes in to creating something worth while, and as with everything we do at The Lowly Gentlemen, we’ve gone to the corners of the world to bring a dream to fruition. We’re pleased to announce The Lowly Gentlemen Driving Gloves.
Glove making is a dying trade, with few remaining who are capable of doing it, and even fewer who are capable of doing it well. It was important to us that we found quality materials and patterns to craft the best possible driving gloves.


i-Level by AccuAir


SEMA 2011 was an exciting time for many different companies. The convention is typically a launch pad for new products and concepts and it’s always exciting to see first hand what everyone has up their sleeve. AccuAir is no different, as they announced the release of a product concept that is sure to bring the inner geek right out of you.

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