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Default We need some help for our wedding

Falls in love! Got engaged! and now?

How some of you know since our official announcement, we both want to give ourselves this year the consent.

Even if we have not really the money for a wedding, we do not want to wait to us are old and grey. Therefore, we venture with you together on this

Project Wedding

The idea is to invite family, friends, fellow students and generous strangers, to support our wedding financially with, because we cannot raise the money only as students. Though we go both work beside our study, but because we cannot work full time, unfortunately, it would last forever, until we would have everything together.

This would be the biggest present which you could make to us; more still than food processors, washing machines, trips or other wedding presents.

We already have a date. 08th of August, 2014 we want to give ourselves the consent.

So, please help us and go to:

Thank you and i hope my english is not to bad

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brum brum brum
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First post... Really? I'm all for a community love-in but come on man... Good luck.
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Two signatures on a piece of paper cannot cost that much.

I support crowd funding a community event or research for a project. But not this type of bullshit.
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Oh Damn, it's Sam
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Well, since you're such a valuable and well-known member of the community, I'd be happy to...

Oh wait.

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Last I checked, going to a court and getting a few signatures didn't cost an extravagant amount of money.

I also **** people who use the excuse of "we're students!".
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Bic Boi
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Did he wait two years to build up to this amazing post?
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spam bot level = successful
build thread
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i wish this was a real guy, so i can tell him i want to fuck his wife/fiance
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Mach Slow.
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Originally Posted by mohsen View Post
i wish this was a real guy, so i can tell him i want to fuck his wife/fiance

Hollowing out the guys fiancé, the only sure way to cut wedding expenses.
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