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Default 3 piece wheel lip / barrel question....

I did some searching and came up with no clear answer...

I have a set of Fabulous Profounds, they are 40 hole barrels.

Can i use Work Barrels, SSR barrels, ETC as long as they are 40 hole? I want to make the rears a bit wider.

I am worried that the hole's entire circumference around the barrel (though 40 total) would not have the same diameter and be off just a little.

How compatible are barrels?

Has anyone tried to use a mix brand barrel setup?

they seem like they would be fairly "universal" in terms of compatibility.
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wheel problems
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They will only fit if they fit
the inner diameter and bolt hole pcd are the first things to check .
search maverick wheels on facebook .. shiny shiny wide wide
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yeah, you need to measure. if there is someone local that has lips from another make that you can try first it would be easier. i would **** to trust someone else to measure them.
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