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Default IS300 Budget Boost/Function Thread.

For starters, I picked it up like this:

4/16: Suspension arrived! (pardon cell phone)

Tokiko Illumina's and Tanabe GF210's. Paid about 45% of retail and they're brand new. I will go for coils over the winter or next season, but this will suffice.

4/20: Detail and factory IS300 wheels with decent tires for $200!

Took these while I was doing a shoot of my friends Vishnu tuned 335i. Check out my website for those.

4/23: Dropped car off to get aligned, photos of the low-ness will follow.

Was on my way to a shoot in North East Kansas City in my dad's car and I saw a set of BBS's sitting in front of a tire shop. So I drove home, grabbed my shitty 18's and drove up there. Wheels are 17x8, ET42. BBS RX's to be exact. One lip is bent but the tires on them held air. No cracks or anything.

I was expecting to have to add some cash but they took a straight over trade. I'm so happy right now. Going to do what I can to bring them back from the dirt tomorrow.

Picking the car up from the shop tomorrow and starting to work on these wheels. Will update as that progresses.

After the wheel bit, things will shift to building the 2JZ-GTE sitting in my friend's garage. He was a member on here but I can't remember his username.

Anyway, I'm going to spend a week where he lives after finals week and do the swap or at least finish doing a big single swap and prepping it. Goal is 375-450hp on 91oct. Hoping to have it finished by the end of June, but realistically August will probably be the big month.

Stay tuned!
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Glad to see some IS joining the stance - pretty cool that you did a straight trade on the wheels. Only in MO though... haha

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