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Default New to Stance

Whats goin on I just joined and have always been fascinated with stance just never really understood the whole thing. I've always owned Hondas/Acuras and had lowered/bagged trucks before that. I'm in the AF now and stationed in England and bought an A4 as a daily. Gonna try and learn what I can from the forum and stance the daily is my plan as a side project, I need a break from my Si.
00 Civic Si

02 Audi A4

(Sorry for the oversized photo)
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Welcome to stance works!!
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Both cars have potential. Good luck.

Welcome to StanceWorks

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You know who Jason is? Anyone here read the Bible or know most of the stories etc? Who's the guy that stands at the gate and decides if you get into heaven or not? That's Jason. He processes everyone in the intro threads and welcomes them.
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Also you relinquish all of your rights by posting in RT. You can be banned at any time for no reason at all.
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