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Default E30 arches in new AWOL video

Hey All,

I'd love to get a few opinions from people here... Firstly I'd like to point out that normally I am a big advocate of the original/OEM look for cars. I have an E30 and normall I like it to be as simple as possible. However! While watching the latest video on I saw an e30 with some pretty cool arches (the gold one, screnshots below). Whats involved in flaring the wheel arches/fenders to achieve that look? Can that be achieved with a normal arch roller or would I have to send it in to a bodyshop to weld on a little extra metal?

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Not sure if that's extra material or not. I rolled and pulled mine by hand (E21). I had to use a hammer and dolly because the fenders are double thick and I like doing things the old fashioned way. The body shop then skim coated the shape and painted her up.

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added. pulled normally wont go out that far

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Yep that has been added theres no way e30 fenders will roll out that far in the rear,maybe up front they might but will need skimming as well i would think.
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