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Thread: Upconverted SSR Formula mesh 18x9.5

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    Default Upconverted SSR Formula mesh 18x9.5

    I sold the car and I'm looking sell my wheel set

    Originaly there were 17x7 formula mesh. Completely rebuilt them las year
    New powdercoat to the closest I could get to the original color.
    New lips and barel. Upconverted to 18x9.5 front and back. Fronts are et15 and the back ones are et0. 3" lips for the front ones and 3.5 for the back ones
    I've made some custom flat center cap for then and I dont have the original one anymore

    The tires that are on them right now are some 205/40r18. 2 are almost new and 2 would need to be replaced. If needed I can take them off

    I'm looking to get 2600 usd + shipping and paypal fees for them.
    My loss is you gain with the exchange rate right now from canada.

    Ig: frdhoule

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    are you up for trade?

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    would you trade for some bbs 3pc w/similar slant dishes & specs? lmk

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