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Thread: Easiest Way to Pack and Ship Wheels

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    Default Easiest Way to Pack and Ship Wheels

    I've shipped a lot of wheels, and I've finally nailed down a method that's easy and cheap. The example set below cost less than $5 each wheel.

    First, get boxes that fit. The overall size of a wheel is 1 inch larger than the nominal diameter. That means an 18 inch wheel measure 19 inches overall. We're adding 1/2" of padding all around, so the right size box for it is 20x20". Boxes are easiest to find in even size increments, so a 20x20" box is also the best size for a 17" wheel. More info at the end of the post.

    For padding, get foam pipe insulation for the smallest diameter pipe. The thickness of the foam is 1/2". Some brands are pre-split and others will have a glued seam you can split apart. This runs $1 per piece from any home improvement store. Open it up and wrap the lip of the wheel.

    Trim it to length. I like to use a little piece of packing tape to hold the ends in place. If you're using a size smaller wheel than what's perfect for the box (like a 17" wheel in a 20x20 box) add a second layer of insulation for a large diameter pipe to fill the gap.

    Do both sides and line up the seams.

    Drop the wheel in the box. It should fit perfectly. Line up the seams of the foam against the wall of the box so it can't come off.

    Mark the box and cut it down to the proper height.

    Fold down the flaps. I crease them lightly first with a straight edge to get crisper lines. You might decide to cut off extra flaps if there's a lot of excess.

    Additional info on boxes:

    Wheel size - Box size
    13" - 16x16
    14" - 16x16
    15" - 18x18
    16" - 18x18
    17" - 20x20
    18" - 20x20
    19" - 22x22
    20" - 22x22

    Home Depot large box. $1.92, Lowes medium $1.80, or U-Haul large $1.70.

    The only commonly needed size that's difficult to get is 20x20. I ordered a bundle of these on ebay, and it came out to about $2.50 per box. Looks like you can also order online at Home Depot for a little less.

    Home Depot or Lowes extra large box. $2.12 or $2.27

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    thanks for the info ! foam pipe is a great idea to replace circular packing foam as it's not always easy to come by

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    Very nice info. Ill keep that in mind when somebody ever wants to buy my bbs rs

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    Great idea!!

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    I just shipped a set of xd wheels last week. I wrapped each wheel with dish foam to protect the lip and face. Home Depot has dish foam rolls that are not pricey.

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    Great info thanks! Sending wheels this week.

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    Thanks for sharing this.

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