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Thread: Vag Fair |2016

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    Default Vag Fair |2016

    Probably not allot of people on here attended if any but heres my video coverage from the show.

    Shot on : GH4 | sigma 18-35mm | Canon 50mm | Panasonic 4/3 14mm

    Vag Fair | 2016 from Truecrewmedia on Vimeo.

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    Wow.Amazing video.Thanks a lot for sharing it here.You have done a great job.The show was amazing.People who are crazy about cars surely like it.All car look good.Different model.I liked all of them.I am sure people would have enjoyed the show so much.So glad to see it.Of course not all people attended the show.And this coverage would make them happy.
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    Super. What a car model. It is like a film Forsage. I find a lot of cool car models on the best budget rental car las vegas service. So, I have a genuine interest in attending this event. Have you any proposition this year?

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