hello all,

(just incase you want to follow more live updates my instagram is @restomod_compulsion)

this is my first post on the site but I've been reading for years. Never really thought about doing a build thread as the attention isn't something I particularly relish, and most forums I've been on seem to have less than pleasant members. After reading over the build threads on here, even if people don't seem to agree on certain choices, they have a respect for the chap doing it. So In the end, I thought sod it. This is why I tend not to post on forums much, as a lot of my build decisions would just result in negativity, and whilst I don't really care, there seems little point in painting a target on your back.

anywhoo enough of my inane ramblings, here's the car as I first saw her:

she's a 1991 Honda NSX, and at the time, was currently residing in a little garage in the Okayama Prefecture of japan. Which is about 6000 miles from where I currently live.

Up until this point I had been searching for a few months, and missed out on some cars I had fell for by a day (sometimes a few hours). As most know, the feeling of missing out on the car you really wanted can be a really kick in the swingers. This gave me a little more urgency than was probably sensible.

Within a few hours of it been posted for sale, I had negotiated a deal, and a deposit was place. Again, some perspective is required here. It was essentially on the other side of the world. I couldn't look at it with my own eyes and was placing my trust completely in an agent used by my importer, with most of my adult savings. This actually only occurred to me a few weeks after it arrived at my house (some months later). As after I placed my deposit I was bouncing of the walls with excitement, due to the fact that I currently owned a car that I had been wanting since I was of single digit age.

Anyways, a deal was struck and it was sent to the nearest port for the long sea journey, to the not so sunny shores of the country I reside in. These were some of the pictures I was sent when it got to the Japanese port.

Now, again, a few things struck me, a while after they probably should have. Firstly, the paint had seen better days (to put it lightly). In reality it look liked it been washed using the dangerous end of a porcupine. The centre console was butchered to fit a double din, and looked to have been undertaken by a blind woodsman. It had the right height that most rock crawlers would envy and a steering wheel that looked at home in a harlequin golf. However, all this was blinded by the aforementioned wall bouncing excitement. Live and learn I suppose.

The steering wheel I'm assuming was fitted just to sell the car (the previous owner probably wanted to keep whichever was in there) and the ride height was to make loading and unloading the car a lot easier. Like I said though, I didn't really see any of that. Just that it was mine, and that it was on its way....