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Thread: Compressor Taking Longer Than Normal?

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    Default Compressor Taking Longer Than Normal?

    Over the past couple days my compressor has been taking about twice as long to fill my tank. It's an Air Zenith OB2, only a few months old. Haven't noticed any rattling other than the compressor rattling a little like it always has... Searched a few forums and can't seem to find much. Any ideas?

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    Hi Jordan,

    I had problems with my compressor to a while ago. But in my case something was leaking air.
    After a while i found out that my solenoid valve was leaking air. Than i replaced it with an other high quality valve.
    After i installed this: my problem was solved

    maybe in your case something is leaking air aswell.

    i hope i helped you with the info about my experience.

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    The differential one was made by the Jam Handy organization and I'm sure this one is too. They were made for chevy training. Looks like Jam Handy stopped making stuff in the 60's. OmegleAppvalley

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    Thanks for the post. diamonds rings for cheap I am also facing the same issue with my compressor. For the past few days it is taking so much time to fill the tank. I have Searched for some forums and didn't find much. Does anyone have a solution for this?

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