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Thread: Cheap/OEM Wheel Appreciation Thread?

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    Default Cheap/OEM Wheel Appreciation Thread?

    I dunno why im posting this, but I kinda want to see some wheels for high schoolers like me that cant afford a set of Volks. Post anything from XXr's to Fat fives.
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    Build Thread:

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    Default Wheel Appreciation Thread?

    I know how you feel. Spinners everywhere, few machines to be seen. Two-wheels square measure lots a lot of rugged and deal with uneven parcel higher. (It's even a lot of-of a difficulty checked.
    Essay Writing Service, I had one spinner which solely as a result of I merely could not notice an appropriate hard side machine. fourth time I checked it came off a 3-wheel. All the remainder of our luggage square measure machine, ne'er once have we have a tendency to had wheel issues.)

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    OEM from a mk3 GT. Pretty nice wheels, my plan was to widen them, but no money of course.

    On the other hand some Exip wheels 7x15, pretty nice too, but getting kinda rare.

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    My MK4 on OEM BBS RCs


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    for the Roco? surely there are tons of OEM 4x100 wheels you can choose from. think yourself lucky to have such a common PCD. or failing that find some wheels in need of a refurb and put some elbow grease into them to make them shiny again. deals are out there, I managed to purchase some 18" genuine work equip 05 (set of 4) for £300 before.
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    OE Vauxhall/Opel 19" Snowflake wheels on my Vectra SRi.

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