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Thread: W201/124 quick release / hub kit

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    Default W201/124 quick release / hub kit

    so before I start fishing around looking for things that fit, has anyone tried to fit a quick release from another car on to a W201/124? Looking at short hubs from NRG as I bought a grip royal wheel maybe a year ago now just had nothing to put it on - in the interest of car theft I want a steering wheel I can take off.

    A friend of mine has an S13 quick release which is period correct, I'll be trying it to let you know but has anyone been successful with a different car?
    '87 Benz 190E


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    I'd simply count splines on the steering column input shaft and find a non-make forum to request a wtb ad for a quick release with x# splines. Or call nrg and tell them how many splines you need. I'm sure they can hook you up easy. ��

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    Maybe it's just my inner nerd, but I was going to start a vehicle spreadsheet to keep track of expenses, maintenance, ETC. Then I thought I bet this has already been done. So, those of you that do this sort of thing what do you keep track of? What does your sheet look like? Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail 10 Minute Mail Do mind sharing your template? Did you make your sheet or did you use one of the ones from the interweb?
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