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Thread: Winter Fun and set up

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    Default Winter Fun and set up

    Just before this winter I came across a Passat wagon for $1800 and had to pick it up. 1.8t and manual. so I snagged it as soon as i could in pretty much perfect condition.

    With the wagon as my daily it came time to start making the mk4 GTI as a "Not so much daily" over the winter.

    Right now I have 3sdm 0.04 18x9.5 all the way around brand new waiting for tires to be mounted. (Debating between a 215-40 and 45)

    Raceland Ultimos (I got them for free only running till I find a nice air setup)

    Rolling and pulling fenders soon and setting her back down.

    How are other winter projects going?

    This was the old set up I had for my daily.

    The new best friend

    Directional fun

    Test fit front with 15mm spacers. Final ET20

    Rear fitment

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    Nice shots! Patiently awaiting more pics of the new setup

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