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Thread: From Brazil... mk3 Golf GTi

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    Default From Brazil... mk3 Golf GTi

    Hey guys are you ok?

    It is a pleasure to be part of the stance works, met the forum through the blog, and here I am.

    I introduce my Golf GTi mk3, still missing a few details to be perfect, after all, here in Brazil is very complicated to find all the pieces you have available there.

    I haven't pictures of when I bought the car, so I took the car, put 17 wheels and 205/45 tires, put Hella M3 style lanterns, and then let the car lower.

    Here are photos of the car:

    Now i want to install the Euro Bumpers and correct some imperfections on the paint.

    Hope you like it...

    Yeah i know, hardly needed to be stanced.


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    Good so far.

    Welcome to StanceWorks

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