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Thread: Buying a E30 coupe

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    Default Buying a E30 coupe

    Hi Guys

    I am looking at buying my first BMW soon and i would like some information regarding what too look for on these cars before purchasing so i make the right choice.

    I am looking at getting this one.$_20.JPG?set_id=8800005007

    Please all your nformation would be greatly appreciated by the way im from South Africa

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    I think the biggest issue with them was cooling issues, most people recommend replacing everything cooling related.
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    yes,most people recommend replacing everything cooling related.

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    Default Buying a E30 coupe

    This type of car is more then just a vehicle, it's a way to enjoy the drive, it's like having an old friend and is really more of a hobby then transportation. After owning this car for many years, this reminds us of why this is still such a great machine but sadly, time passes for us all and when a car reaches a certain age you have to really take care of it to keep it running well. With a new transmission, it will keep on going. Let's hope for many more years.

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    Default Agreed!

    Quote Originally Posted by transaxle View Post
    I think the biggest issue with them was cooling issues, most people recommend replacing everything cooling related.
    Yup! Love a BMW but cooling has been an issue. However, I've noticed this doesn't apply to other models. I've had the pleasure of having a 7 series when I was working in Dubai. Could be related to the specific model.

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    Cooling is the biggest issue with them.
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    If you are really willing to get one you should. But do a good research before you make a purchase.

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