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Thread: Poly bushings for my e36 M3

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    Default Poly bushings for my e36 M3

    Hello all, so I am in the works of refreshing my e36 M3 suspension (133k). I have been getting a lot of mixed recommendations on poly. A lot of people on bimmerforums seem to prefer the oem rubber. Currently I have

    red UUC front sway bar bushings
    black UUC tranny bushings with enforcer cups

    I was considering going with UUC motormounts, treehouse front control arm bushings (with oem control arms/ball joints), poly subframe, poly rtab, oem rear upper/lower control arms, bushings and ball joints.

    What are your thoughts on poly? OEM rubber would be cheaper but definitely more of a pain in the ass. I only have front coilovers and will be getting the rears soon and hope to refresh some bushings while back there. Won't be completely slammed but would like to be somewhat "aggressively" lowered (on BWS btw).

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    Poly will make your ride more harsh and possibly squeak, but if you are doing the work just do poly. Seems a bit silly to do all the work just to have the same squishy rubber bushings you had before.

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