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Thread: Tire fitment help. Juke with flares

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    Default Tire fitment help. Juke with flares

    I did a test fit tonight and i was wondering if you guys can help me recommend a tire size. I am installing coilovers Saturday and then deciding on tires.

    Wheel specs.
    20x9.5 et 33 front
    20x10.5 et 37 rear



    I was thinking a 255/35/20 tire all around. I want all four tire sizes to be the same. I would like a little stretch in the rear but maybe I need some stretch in the front if i plan on going 255/35. That sidewall would be 3.5in tall by my calculations. 35% of 255mm is 90mm = 3.5 inches

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    ride height definitely affects tire size.
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