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Thread: After a small favour, please..

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    Default After a small favour, please..

    It's a bit cheeky I know, but..
    I've entered a competition to win a voucher for some car cleaning products & the person with the most votes at the end of the month is the winner, so last day today.

    I'm currently struggling a little as the person behind me has just jumped right up, the votes won't be approved till tomorrow due to it being New Years eve.

    I would REALLY REALLY appreciate if anyone could help me out, it only takes 2 seconds & you can leave the comment section blank but you do have to use a valid email address as you have to verify the vote in an e-mail they send, although you don't have to subscribe to the mailing list (there's a little tick box). - There's my link, I'd really appreciate any votes!!

    Cheers guys & sorry for being a bit cheeky.. desperate times & all.

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    I voted for you dude. We all love free shit! Hopefully you win

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