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Thread: Water leaking into BMW E36 Coupe

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    Default Water leaking into BMW E36 Coupe


    I have recently purchased a '93 E36 320 Coupe.

    And after having it, and driving it for roughly a week, I started noticing moist inside the car windows more often, so I started pulling the interior and found these kinds of puddles underneath the rear seats:

    I got into the boot of the car with a flashlight and had my uncle use the hose on the car and noticed water entering through the rear lights but I have sealed the lights with some tape at the moment to see if it comes from somewhere else. I've tried googling a lot but mostly find threads about water in footwells, and nothing else in my car is wet, no side panels, seats, roof liner or carpet, so I don't really know where to check next.

    Anyone had this problem before? Any tips greatly appreciated.

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    Hi, did you find the cause of the leakage? I have the same exact problem on my e36 and haven't found any solution yet on forums.

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