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Thread: OZ Vega centercaps

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    Default OZ Vega centercaps

    I'm trying to find a set of centercaps for my OZ Vegas. Are there any other centercaps that fit the same as the Vega caps do? Anywhere that I might be able to find them or do I just need to keep trawling the classifieds all across the internet.

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    Bringing this back, still looking for caps.

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    I'm seeing some similar mounting of caps on RC reps, wondering if they might work. I've found like 2 OZ caps that work but they're about 150$ a piece which seems a bit high. I'd contemplate getting some flat caps made if I knew how much it would cost me.

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    You posted in the wrong section.
    See if these are still available:

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    I'll give those a shot, see if he's still selling them.

    Hoping to see if ESM caps are the same dimensions as my Vega caps would be.

    The forum about wheels is not a good place to ask questions about wheels?

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    he probably wanted you to post in the WTB section?
    anyways only vega centercaps will fit your vegas unless you fabricated one. That's why they are known as one of the hardest caps to find..
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    That's what I was afraid of. The ESM's look to be the right mounting and the right size but it's a got 17 points of weave where the Vegas have 20 points of weave. Hopefully the Porsche ones are still for sale then.

    The other option would be flat caps but I'm not sure how good that would look.

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    MSW Mesh caps will fit as well.

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    Something tells me its going to be tough finding these caps.

    Almost wondering how these wheels would look with flat caps. Did a 5 minute GIMP job and it's not bad looking.

    Ignore the crappy GIMPing

    Need to be repainted but waiting for caps
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    I could see it happening with flat caps. Those Vega caps are sooo hard to find. good luck!

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    Found some nice reproduction flat caps... 5mm too small diameter.

    I'd assume all OZ wheels use the same size centers?

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    Default Oz vega center caps

    Hello, I have oz vega M289 center caps made with very good quality mold, in plastic.

    Price for set of four 120€ + shipping.

    If anyone is interested, send me an email to: or whatsapp at +34-654460316

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