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Thread: My wife thinks its stupid, e36 and stuff...

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    Those fans are wild!


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    Quote Originally Posted by hinrichs View Post
    Hot damn those look amazing
    thanks dude!
    Quote Originally Posted by cblock406 View Post
    Those fans are wild!
    whats funny is in my head the fans looked much more mundane, but in reality they are kind of aggressive. idk

    ive been messing around with camera and doing little things here and there waiting for parts to arrive to do the rear fenders

    changed the shifter surround

    IVAZE3994 by parttimeprojectionist2, on Flickr

    XFVCE8396 by parttimeprojectionist2, on Flickr

    changed out a few of the rear interior pieces for the grey ones i robbed from the donor wagon.
    obvs i need to replace all the other bits as well, im getting there

    ONKWE6020 by parttimeprojectionist2, on Flickr

    PYGSE4760 by parttimeprojectionist2, on Flickr

    EFVPE2177 by parttimeprojectionist2, on Flickr

    CTLME8075 by parttimeprojectionist2, on Flickr

    AXXPE4310 by parttimeprojectionist2, on Flickr

    not e34 related but put a P3 gauge in the mini clubman, was sick of not knowing if it was overheating.
    it can read and clear codes and show whatever you want really, and its inconspicuous

    GCONE4069 by parttimeprojectionist2, on Flickr

    RAAAE4677 by parttimeprojectionist2, on Flickr

    snapped a few pics and drank a beer

    IMG_3336 by parttimeprojectionist2, on Flickr

    HORCE2237 by parttimeprojectionist2, on FlickrUCAZE8344 by parttimeprojectionist2, on FlickrBMLRE7962 by parttimeprojectionist2, on FlickrNXMCE9599 by parttimeprojectionist2, on FlickrTZNDE2853 by parttimeprojectionist2, on FlickrHMVIE1134 by parttimeprojectionist2, on FlickrLKXIE0291 by parttimeprojectionist2, on Flickr[url=]IMG_3406 by parttimeprojectionist2, on Flickr

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    looks so good man, im sure im not the only one who wants to see it sitting a little lower but those wheels are incredible. i had a friend who had an s52/5spd manual swapped 525 wagon that was so much fun to drive. not crazy about the shift knob but kudos for riding the line of being different without over doing it

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    My BMW E36 318ti Steel Blue Compact build thread -

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    Quote Originally Posted by parttimeprojectionist View Post

    thanks dude! your wagon is the stuff b5 dreams are made of!

    i ordered the fans a while back so my memory is fading a bit on price but somewhere in the ball park of 1000 euros (full set with custom caps), the dollar amt depends on exchange rate which i think kinda sucked when i paid for them haha. Dlng designs were very generous and kept it close to the original quote they sent me about a year and a half ago when i first contacted them. the wait time for the OZ wheels 17-18" conversion parts took almost 9 months!! so i couldnt send the specs for the fans until i had those. anyways, they have gone up in price since then, probably something to do with the recent RWB builds and steve @ Dlng designs being a really awesome guy.
    Thanks man! Its a work in progress slowly but surely.

    That's a great price for those fans considering the level of customization. They really set your car off, such a clean build so far.
    Quote Originally Posted by s t a y g o l d View Post
    and don't trash talk people, that's for hos at the club.
    S4 Avant - Build Thread

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    those wheels!!! :-O :-O omg awesome

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    my build thread: E63 650i Airride
    my build thread: E34 520i Touring

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    That Wagon = Ideal of perfection
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