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    Hey Guys,

    My name is Brandon. I live in Louisiana and drive a 2003 BMW 325i.... I do photography and yeaa... so enough about me.
    On to some Pics of the car.

    Here is my first BMW.

    DSC_0118-Edit by OpenCircleMedia, on Flickr

    Transmission went bad on the White car so i Picked up The black one and swapped some parts over.

    Me3 by OpenCircleMedia, on Flickr

    Started to make a few changes to her. Like Coils and some other parts.

    mefrontcorner by OpenCircleMedia, on Flickr

    merearWH by OpenCircleMedia, on Flickr

    meside1 by OpenCircleMedia, on Flickr

    Brandonfront by OpenCircleMedia, on Flickr

    Got Crazy and Painted the Wheels.

    HaleyDirty by OpenCircleMedia, on Flickr

    Then Got ran off the road so got new wheels and Camber arms. so she sits like this for now.

    Brandon 3sdm1 by OpenCircleMedia, on Flickr

    Sunset3sdm1 by OpenCircleMedia, on Flickr

    E46 3SDM1 by OpenCircleMedia, on Flickr

    Thanks for looking!

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    Wow, I like this! What kind of wheels are those?
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    Future: 3.55:1 with Trac-Loc, More Lows (Commence to Cutting), Wheel spacers for better fitment, Possibly New Wheels.

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    The painted wheels hit me right in the feels!

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    I like it. Welcome to StanceWorks
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    Looks great

    Welcome to StanceWorks

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