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    Hello! I thought I'd do a quick introduction.
    I'm Andy, 19 years old, live in Idaho. I'm an amateur automotive photographer.
    I have a '04 Dodge Ram 2500, a '13 Dodge Dart and recently purchased a '90 Honda Civic.

    I've had the truck for almost four years now, finally in the last couple years I've added performance parts. Dynod at 502hp and 1008tq this year. Hoping for more power next year.

    I got the Dart last year; I've done bolt ons, lowered it on BC coil overs, and have wheels on it now. Should be doing a different wheel setup in the next couple months. I'll make a build thread on it tomorrow.

    And now to the Civic...
    I found a Civic a couple weeks ago for a good price, so I went and looked at it, then purchased it. It's completely stock, for now. Hoping to get some coilovers for it soon. I'll also make a build thread of this one.

    Here's a couple pictures of all of them. (Haven't got the chance to do a photoshoot with the Civic, so it's just an iPhone shot)

    Dart by andyb96, on Flickr

    Cummins by andyb96, on Flickr


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