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Thread: New here with lowed E21 & E36

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    Default New here with lowed E21 & E36

    Took me long enough to come to Stance Works. I'm in all the other forums, so mine as well join here too.

    I have 2 projects going at the same time, a weekend driven rusty E21 and a daily driven lowered E36.

    First, my daily E36. 1997 318i on K Sport coilovers and Contours with a carbon fiber hood. Soon to be swapped with a S52, M3 LSD, M3 brakes, and complete M3 suspension (except keeping the k sports), with carbon fiber sunroof delete and Style 5s. I have all the pieces for all these mods sitting in my garage, just need the time.

    My actual project car, 1982 320iS. Bought about 3 years ago, slowly restoring, quite alot of work has already been done with it, but it has a lot more left. Right now it's on cut springs, but I plan on putting coilovers on and getting it lower than my E36. Also the M44 in my green E36 is going into the E21 as a franken motor, being mixed with a M42 I have in my garage.

    I'm a ASU student, and I work a full time job, so the progress on my projects is really slow and I refuse to rush through anything to save time.
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    I love E21's, can't wait to see the progress. I'm actually an ASU alum!

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