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Thread: the still stock audi

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    After reading here for over a year i finally registerded myself.
    I'm from Belgium so my English will not be 100% correctly.

    The car:
    It's a audi 80 B3 with a 1600 Turbo Diesel (with intercooler).
    bought it with only 90.000km on the clock and the only option the car had was the (orginal) radio.
    i own it for 3 years now and i got the clock up to 175.000km.
    there isn't yet any stance on this car i'll talk about that later.
    just to be clear, this car will be used on a daily basis and will get very dirty sometimes.

    picture's of how i bought it:

    things i did before hitting the streets.
    - velours interieur
    - orginal 14"earo rims
    - alpine radio / pioneer loudspeakers / juice 1000w active woofer
    - the extra meters in the console
    - low (orginal) spoiler

    this was the result:

    also put in a s2 steering wheel and 90 backlights

    still have to put on the bumper with the foglights.

    now the plans for some stance. on the long term because i'm a student so money is the main problem.

    next month i'll order my coils.
    FK Konigsport (Koni) with adjustable hardness dampers.

    and for the wheels i'm thinking for:

    always open for suggestions.
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    Nice start

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    very good condition. welcome....

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