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Thread: ++**"Help me identify this wheel!" Thread.**++

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    Can anyone help me out with these wheels 00b0b_3beyRZvW7DL_1200x900.jpg

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    If they are oem Mercedes, I can't find out which model

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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeBlue View Post
    Melber never made multi piece wheels, it has a Rial center cap, the waffle plate is held down by a bolt.
    A 15" wheel with step up slant lips...

    Seems like some generic replica wheel.
    Aka not worth 700...

    700$ gets you a decent set of BBS RMs...
    I agreed with everything, looks like those posh fake slant RS (like this one, but not this one:

    Don't buy it please

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    Saw these on CL listed as BMW wheels $250 - I think they are ETA twists made to fit Porsche? I can't tell what the cap says. Anyone have and idea?

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    Please, help me identify these 5x100 7.5x17 inch 6-spoke wheels, ET might be 30 and 25. According to dimensions I'm guessing they're euro brand. Thanks!

    EDIT: found out that they're "ATF (Auto Technik Flick)" and model "MS Design Topline" - the company actually ceased about 2003 I think.
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    Hi can anyone help identify this wheel, Its some kind of collaboration between work & dunlop. 17x7J +48, 5×114.
    Would anyone know what the specific model name of this wheel is?

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    Looking to buy this R33. I'm wondering if anyone can identify these wheels


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    Help. Says made in Japan but HRS USA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kozuku View Post
    hey, any info about those 18 intch style 71?? seller claims they are 3pc and made in germaani. Attachment 20218
    It's a RTR RS 3pcs wheels, I think with radinox lips

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