Hi guys,

I've been looking around for an E36 M3 for most of this year, but have just sold one of my other cars, so it's time to get more serious and finally buy one of these.

I've found one that ticks most of my checklist, but there are a few things that are confusing me. I've loved these since they fist came out in 1994 and feel i know a fair bit about them, but this one has me stumped.

Its advertised as a 1996, so the change over year, and the seller says it's a 3.2L 6 speed which it very well may be, but it has the earlier, thicker side indicators, not the later slim ones. It does have clears all round, and from looking at others for sale, there are a couple of 1996's that are like this, so I assume that's fine, can someone confirm? I have asked for engine number to confirm it's a 3.2L.

The steering wheel is confusing me a little more though as it's the earlier 4 spoke wheel, and pretty much every later 3.2 car that's for sale has the later 3 spoke wheel, except one other 1996 that claims to be a 3.2, that also has the thicker side indicators and the 4 spoke wheel, so I guess there is 1 other like it, but that doesn't fill me with confidence.

Any help would be great!