Hello all!

I've recently upgraded to coilovers and am in the process of dialing them in. Ran into a problem though. I've been riding around on them for about 2 weeks now with minimal preload and yesterday I went to add some to help take some travel out of the compression stroke. I added some, and it helped but the suspension was still traveling way too much. Added about 1" more preload and while the travel was reduced right where I want, I was getting a clunk over larger bumps (like the 1" height difference between my driveway and garage). So I reduced it 1/4", still got the clunk, but I had to go over it a bit quicker. I kept adjusting it 1/4" of less preload at a time and the clunk was there each time, but in order for it to clunk I had to hit the bump harder each time.

So now I'm back to rolling around with about 1" of preload and way too much travel to put my spacers on

Any ideas on what this could be?