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Thread: Need old school help, Sacramento Cali

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    Default Need old school help, Sacramento Cali

    Just moved to Cali a month or so ago and got a side job putting in a new wire harness and fuse box in for a guy in a 64 Chevelle SS with a built 350 swap. Looking for some help on adjusting the timing and carb on it. Any info/help would be greatly appreciated.


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    1) Set the #1 cylinder to top dead center.
    2) Make sure the rotor in the distributor is pointed towards the #1 wire.
    3) Set the distributor to 10 degrees
    4) Use the manufacturers settings on the carb

    That should get it fired up at least.

    And I don't think the SW community is a good place for help like this.
    Most of these goons have never even seen a carburetor.

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