After a long hard think about keeping them or not i have decided they are too much for a daily car. Going to be boring and keep my style 5's! I fitted brand new tyres to them just 3 days ago!

So they are in near perfect condition, no marks or anything. 2.5 inch lips all around. Brand new tyres. All original, stamps on the back of faces. Original OZ rim bolts with OZ stamped on each one. Perfect mirror finish. Look brand new in all honesty!

Specs are as follows

17x8.5 ET 6 with Brand new 205/40/17 Mohawk Tyres
17x9.5 ET17 with Brand new 215/40/17 Mohawk Tyres

Lovely fitment and look amazing. Very rare! Nice amount of stretch and not excessive! Dont really want to sell them but as I said for an everyday car they are abit much. Staying simple and easy for now.

And so, pictures.

Now, shipping. I have never shipped wheels or something of this weight before so someone will have to point me in the right direction. I live in England so collection is welcome if you live here too! If you want anymore info or pics please feel free to contact me on here or via my email.


1500 collected and then whatever shipping costs on top if you want them shipped.