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Thread: Porsche Twists for Golf MKV

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    Default Porsche Twists for Golf MKV

    I've always wanted Porsche Turbo Twists on my car.

    I've found a place locally that has several sets of twists from 993/986 and 996.

    I can very easily get a set of four 18x8 wheels. Werent these available in ET30 and ET50 ?

    What adapter would I need to keep these inside the fenders on my car ? I just wanna run a 225/40/18 for a good daily wheel set up. No poke.

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    not sure about the available offsets, but et30 wouldn't work out well with adapters. stacy's fronts are 18x8 et21, so at a minimum, they'd poke 6mm more (most adapters are a minimum of 15mm). she runs a 205/40.

    as for the et50, you're still going to have some problems with such a large tire. a 225/40 on an 18x8 is going to be very square and can't be anywhere near the fender in the front. after a 15mm adapter, it'll be et35, which will likely still rub with a 225/40 unless you raise your coils quite a bit. with a smaller tire, et35 isn't a problem.

    another thing to consider is the cost and hassle involved with adapters. most good adapters are going to run $350+. they can also be a pain to deal with if you have a flat, as you have to pull the adapter to mount the spare. for me, i had to have someone press the brakes to be able to pull the adapter.
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