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    Cheers SW,

    I will need to drive my car over the summer while doing all of the body work and mods...selling my wheels/tires but need to replace the 2 rears for an easier sell...currently my rear tires are 285/25/20, wheels are 10.5" wide in the rear.

    They look a little "thin, rubberbandish" as they sit now...I would like to buy a slightly beefier tire, and add stretch to it so that I dont chance any fitment issues with the fender.

    I tried a 275/35/20 tire at one point, and it was entirely too tall to fit under my fenders, I couldnt even lower the car off of the lift without it hitting the fender completely.

    That being said, would something like a 255/30/20 be a possibility while being 5mm taller, would the more narrow tire make up for the height and even it out to what I have now?

    again, want to stretch and want to make sure it fits...thoughts?

    pics to show the current fitment/tire setup :

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    OH. MY. GOD. your here...........

    can i just say, I love your car, especially the color...

    anyway sorry i can't be more of a help, i just got past having to learn offsets to order wheels, haven't got to tires yet, but i wanna be where you're at, rubberbands

    I think im going to run Toyo T1R's at 265/30/19 on 10inch wide wheels in the front, but i will probably drop down to a 255/30/19 for that little bit less of sidewall, and not sure what i'm doing with the rears, technically should be 315/25/19 with mild stretch and i'll prob stick with that.

    anyway, i don't know much about tires, but i was at the last Chitown M meet and there was a guy who ran 255/30's on a 10in wide wheel in the back, and that was only 19 inches in diameter, and it looked "rubberbandish" by a small margin, also very clearly stretched. a 255 on that rim size is gonna be a very big stretch, plus its still 20in so i don't know if you will get the exact look you are going for...but one thing's for sure, it WILL without a doubt clear the fenders
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    Hey thanks a lot Mark, much appreciated! I just looked into your build and its looking sick, cant wait to see the finished product man, props on that!

    I need to choose between 255/30/20, 265/30 , 275/30 - I dont really want much stretch, maybe a slight stretch but the tires are temporary until new wheels are built and these are gone, so what do you guys think? will 265 fit what you see there or should i not chance it and do 255?

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    Temporary tire. 285/25/20 currently and only have about .5" total to play with in my fender before rubbing, which of these would be the best bet to be sure it fits as it sits???

    1. NANKANK $126.00 EACH + $46.00 shippping – TOTAL = $298.00 SHIPPED
    2. ACHILLES ATR SPORT $270.00 + 54.72 = TOTAL $324.72 SHIPPED
    3. YOKOHAMA S DRIVE $187 EACH + 50.72 SHIPPING = $424.00 SHIPPED
    4. FALKEN FK452 = $432 SHIPPED

    2. HANKOOK VENTUS V12 = $366.00 SHIPPED

    1. ACCELERA = $280.00 SHIPPED
    2. HANKOOK VENTUS V12 = $358.00 SHIPPED
    4. FALKEN FK452 = $410.00 SHIPPED

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