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Thread: Compressor/leak prob- help me out please

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    Default Compressor/leak prob- help me out please

    hey guys well today i have no clue what happened. but ill try to explain best as possible and maybe you guys can help solve my problem. im kinda a noob when it comes to troubleshooting air problems.

    i decided to empty the water trap today so i drained all the air out and reinstalled water trap and started the car to fill the tank back up. at about 130psi the compressors (dual viair 444) stopped and heard a "pop" where the inline check valve is. the valve was sitting ontop of my tank and saw some black power residue where the valve sat. also noticed the inline fuse was blown so i bought a replacement and reinstalled it. about 2 mins later the fuse blows again.

    i then powered up 1 compressor at a time to see if one of my compressors were bad or maybe was shorted out. well the compressor with the inline check valve that "popped" previously stopped working. i didnt wanna blow my last fuse so i left that one unplugged and just used the 1 working compressor to fill the tank

    so a couple hours later i went out to start the car and see that the tank is at 50 psi and all corners were deflated . i check that inline check valve while the 1 compressor is on and hear a little air leak out when i grabbed it to check it. since it got dark tomorrow im going to check it out again and take the air line and reconnect it to the check valve. im guessing that the "pop" caused the air line to disconnect from the fitting? also how wold i know if the check valve is bad and what do you guys think the leak is coming from and why the compressor isnt working? im thinking maybe when the fuse blew it shorted out the 1 compressor and the pop was from blowing the o ring in the fitting?

    iv only had this setup since june of 2010 so its still under warranty, but hoping for the best tomorrow. hope this all makes sense. tried the best i could to describe it. iv never had this problem before. just happend out of no where. anyone in the area that can come by and help a brother out??

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    hey did you figure everything out or are you still having issues?

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