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Thread: my kraut burner

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    Quote Originally Posted by hakhawk View Post
    which post about injection are you referring to?
    In one of the posts over at bimmerforums you mentioned it..

    Quote Originally Posted by hakhawk View Post
    current engine specs are...
    would love 200hp, but ill take what i can get
    Specs look nice, oldschool for sure.
    M10s have a good combustion camber so 200 should be doable.

    Quote Originally Posted by hakhawk View Post
    i went with slides partly for the full flow, but honestly, its for looks and sound. i have a set of dcoe itb's sitting in a box that i was going to use.
    slides are old tech, prone to sticking and causing fires, need to be cleaned and maintained. but they were used with older less tunable injection, so i want to try and modernise it a bit, using sequential injection, meaning less excess fuel being thrown around
    the extra airflow isnt really worth the gain compared to the ease of use of a standard butterfly, but i want slides!
    Honestly sound, improved flow is a bonus you get with itbs.
    Modern tech on old stuff is always fun. You're going the way anyway so why not add cool race stuff...

    Quote Originally Posted by hakhawk View Post
    yes going for rpm, may run longer trumpets, but these were cheap
    i might be able to bring the headers out a bit at the head, once i drop the engine back in the bay ill check clearances and add some straight tube if possible[/QUOTE]

    Keep in mind the lenght of the trumpets (intake runner) effect the lenght the exhaust runners have to have.
    I've had trouble figuring out what lenght the intake and exhaust runners need to be to have the power where i want it.
    I based my on the lenght of the exhaust manifold i have.., i'll add the converter it's in german, but everything helps i guess..

    Quote Originally Posted by hakhawk View Post
    i stole the primary tube lengths based off another guy with a similar spec engine to mine, but i want to crank up engine analyser and have another play at some point. im not going for getting every drip of power out of the engine, im just building shit coz i can really, with a little bit of forethought
    Have fun with the engine analyser, i looked at it once and that can fxck right up, way to complicated for me...
    To squeeze everything out would be to much money and would be undrivable on the street.

    Quote Originally Posted by hakhawk View Post
    will be running standalone ecu, havent decided which one yet. plan is sequential ignition and injection(youll actually spy a cam sensor on the timing cover in the last pic), TPS, o2, temp and pressure sensors. not sure i want to mess around with knock, having read some info its rather dependant on resonant frequencies to detect knock properly(not false trigger) and can get expensive.
    I plan on using the Halltech Elite 1500 it seems to be pretty self explanatory and offers almost everything the oem stuff has.

    Having fun building the engine is more important then the why.

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    so got the headers all equal and at 74.5cm long as it sits. theres enough space(i think) to add a collector to the end, unless i decide to make primaries longer. been playing with that converter you linked, and engine analyzer. plenty of time to decide, and still working out which cam i want.

    can reach all 4 plugs, and can get to each nut either with a ratchet or spanner from the top

    also added a 1" straight pipe right off the head as per your suggestion. that may be what puts ot too close to the strut tower, but will wait and see when i drop it in the car again. pretty happy with how it looks and sits

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