Gonna go ahead and put my flamesuit on for this one.

Here's my situation. I'm looking to replace the OEM suspension on my 96 328iC. I can feel the ride getting a bit sloppy and want to firm it up. I will only be using the 328 as a DD until April or so as I will be picking up a P-car then. Once that is done the 328 will be parked and I will be rebuilding the engine for FI (too many miles to safely FI it now) and doing a complete suspension overhaul.

I want something that will last for those few months while I decide exactly how I want to go about lowering my car. The car will not be tracked during this time, at most a bit of spirited driving on the interstate.

I know the VW guys love the Raceland's, but how do you guys feel about them? I have yet to see or hear anything about them being cheap and breaking or just not performing right for daily use. At $300 they're cheap enough that if they do break I can just replace them, but if they're that cheaply made then I would have seen some type of bad review by now.