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Thread: 1jz or 7mgte cressida swap

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    a 1uz swap would be very badass haha

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    I had seriously considered a 7MGTE cressida swap, it's a bolt-in affair considering that they come with 7MGE's.

    Also if you do the 7M swap, immediately swap the head gasket for the thickest one you can afford. These motors can boost just as well as any JZ motor, and they do pretty good considering the price!

    Another thing worth considering if a VG30 swap into a Cressida, it's a pretty large engine bay and you would get more displacement at around the same cost as doing a 7MGTE swap, just a lot of custom fabrication. (I would do a VG30E+T to keep costs at a minimum)

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    Quote Originally Posted by padraigmk3 View Post
    I wouldn't go over 75 either, especially on the stock bolts. You need to get ARP's and an HKS headgasket if you're going to push real power and not worry about it.

    As far as "7m's are fukin junk " being some people's outlook, I think that's about as intelligent and informed as saying that 1J's are junk, or 2J's are junk.

    It's just a matter of the correct power plant for the application that offers an acceptable compromise between budget, power, durability and ease of install.
    as a toyota tech 7m's can make a tremendous amount of power as long as you can hold it together the shop im at we built one with more than 1000 hp but if your going tranny go for the 6 speed 2jz tranny they are way stronger than the five speed and every 5 speed ive owned blew up after 400 ft lbs of torque but any way you go you can get a tremendous amount of power you just have to find the right parts

    oh the 1uz is a great motor but one thing is there is little to know aftermarket for it when it comes to big power thats why a lot swap for something else
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    first of all. the 7m-ge actually came in the cressida's. so swaping to a r-154 7m-gte would be the easier of the 2 since the mounts and such are available through

    second of all. the 7m has more displacement and can be more stout than a 1jz.

    the thing you need to decide is

    do you want to have twins? or single? do you want to rev higher? do you want more displacement?
    do you want to perform more wiring work? how much money do you have? do you want coil on plug or coil pack ignition. how much torque do you want vs hp.

    anwser those questions^^ and ill give you more info. i am very familiar with both motors since i have owned and worked on both.

    7m is the cheaper easier route. and yes from the factory the 7m had bad machining on the head so you will need resurface and get a new head gasket.

    hope fully my post helps more than some of these other ignorant posts.
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    1jz and you wont regret it

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    Not sure if youīre still into this, But jou should watch these vidīs of the Mighty Car Mods/guys. Itīs maaaaaaaaaaaad!
    They did the 1JZ TT swap. It was budget, easy and ballers...

    Buying the front chop from Japan:
    [ame=""]Buying Parts From Japan - YouTube[/ame]

    The actual engine swap:
    [ame=""]1JZ Engine Conversion - YouTube[/ame]

    The looming and driving:
    [ame=""]Cressida Part 2 - YouTube[/ame]

    cheers and have fun! They're pretty funny to watch...
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