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    I bought an E36, just like everyone else. I want a E34 Touring but those are expensive.

    The car came to me late night from FB marketplace and I messaged the guy around 9:30pm on a sunday night. As luck would have it the old guy selling it from a clearly fake name FB account didnt sell me into the sex trade. We agreed on a time and place and I had my car trailer hitched up to my truck 5:30 the next day. Lets just say that my 204,000 4L60e was not super pumped about the hills going out to Mass but shes a trooper. Showed up and the guy was by far the creepiest guy I have ever bought anything from but I saw how rust free the car was and I couldn't give him the money fast enough. Limped the car on the trailer and headed home!

    The cars listing came as a 1994 Sedan in boston green, my favorite factory color even if its BEAT like it owes me money. The interior is Tan and automatic. It was originally listed for $1400 months before but went up for $400 as a rust free Virginia car. Said needed and engine/ mechanics special. I am always skeptical and when I got there it ran AWFUL, but I had a inclining to the problem due to the critical misfire and exhaust gases going somewhere. Well cylinder 5 had a familiar surprise.

    Well my bestfriends 95' M3 had two spark plugs YEET themselves out of the head previously so I used his last timesert, a $2 spark plug boot and a new spark plug and we were back in business.

    I had to ensure that the car ran top notch 7 mins after installing the new spark plug LOL.

    I guess I will detail my plans. I have so far'd put gas in the car and it is on the road. I will drive it until the day the salt hits the roads. I put a radio in the car, new front speakers and cut the drivers side carpet out of the car as it was SOAKED. I have a identical parts cars that has a manual swap and will swap the interior pieces that are either broken or missing. It also has to get better gas mileage than a 208,000 miles Silverado haha.

    Winter 2020
    Manual Swap
    I want a cliq tuning chasis mounted shifter
    Subframe and Shock Tower Reinforcement
    Diff and Subframe bushings
    E46 Control arms, Cut knuckles and used/free meagan coilovers
    Missing/broken parts, Sparco seat

    The whole point of this car was going to be a road race / drift car as I want to start getting into fun motorsports stuff. Eventually I'd love to do a LS swap as we are in the process of the M3's getting a LS power plant. Let me know what you guys think.

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    Arenít you a little old for a senior class photo shoot?

    @fackinsteve ; fackin build thread :

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    Quote Originally Posted by fackinsteve View Post
    Aren’t you a little old for a senior class photo shoot?
    I thought I was cute but guess not.

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    So I tried to fix the power window, the plastic sliders turned to dust. Patched the truck harness and still have all functionality but still get the brake light failure, brake light harness and license plate warnings. Car went into limp mode in a parking lot today too. Also, the thing barely gets better fuel mileage than my high mileage truck.

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    Just incase anyone was curious. You can still get new OEM keys for E36's. My dog stole it and I ended up panic buying new ones from the dealer to the tune of $80 a key. I found it which is cool but the tear down of the parts car which homes my 5 speed swap starts this weekend.

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    That's good to know considering I just picked up a e34 with only one key. Going to have to drop by the dealership asap. Cheers on the new project going to be looking forward to seeing how this turns out!

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