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Thread: Popping from rear while cornering (Airlift 3P E36 328i)

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    Default Popping from rear while cornering (Airlift 3P E36 328i)

    As the title states, I am experiencing a popping noise from what sounds like the rear end of my E36 when turning in either direction. Sometimes the pop occurs when I am driving straight. It started making the noise when I installed Airlift performance struts and bags last week, it never has before. Everything is at the factory settings, as far as the strut height goes. I turned the dampening down two notches in the front and rear, and the pop stayed. Swaybar endlinks seem solid and well seated still, as well as wheel bearings. What else should I check?

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    Also check the top nut of the shock where it mounts in the trunk. If those come loose right after an install there will be a popping noise from that corner.

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