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Thread: RH ZW4 Wheels the long road to resration...Soon may be for sale

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    Default RH ZW4 Wheels the long road to Restoration...Soon may be for sale

    In A nutshell I'm the 3rd owner of these they started in Virginia. The are RH ZW4 Cupards et 26 and et 27. 18x9/9.5. These use RH adapters 5x100 to 5x112 the fronts are 25mm and rears are 20mm. The original owner changed the split rim bolts to Gold Pointy and had the Barrels powder coated Root Beer
    Original RH ZW4's by [url=]
    The second owner was Chris Torbett from Knoxville, TN who had them powder coated all flat black and ran them on his VW MK4 GTI
    Second Owner RH ZW4 by [url=]
    RH ZW4 with second owner on his VW MK4 GTI by [url=]
    I heard through a friend that Chris may be selling them. I got his info and we discussed the purchase and came to an agreement. One concern was if they would fit over the big brake kit I have on my VW MK4 Golf R32. I brought a set of 5mm spacers just in case. Upon arrival we realized that calipers were to big and had to file them down 3 different trials just to gain clearance.
    RH ZW4ís on R32 by [url=]
    Once home I took an angle grinder to the calipers and removed 5mm from them to clear wheels inner barrel. Luckily the R32 calipers are beefy so removing that didn't affect them at all. I then gave them a fresh coat of Paint
    Freshly Painted R32 Calper by [url=]
    I drove them for about a year with no issues or problems. One day I had to go see a family member at the hospital so pulled into valet parking and let the attendant take the car. When I let I picked car up and didn't think much about it and drove home. Two days later I see Gouges on the passenger side wheel both front and back. I new it wasn't me I learned long ago after getting rash on wheels to know your parameters and stay away from the curb. By that point it was a couple days later and nothing can be done... next come that horrible sinking feeling.
    RH ZW4ís 1st lip damage from Idiot parking attendant by [url=]
    RH ZW4 2nd lip damage from idiot parking attendant by [url=]
    So I decided there would be no simple quick fix and to sell them as is and even take a loss. I listed them on Craigslist, Facebook Market Place and even on Vortex. I had some ridiculous low ball offers but was not going to take less than 1K for them.
    RH ZW4ís 1st attempt to sell damaged as is with no serious offers for over a year by [url=]
    After long thought I decided the only way to sell or really enjoy them would be to repair and restore them. I removed all 40 split rim bolts and nuts and thought I could just separate them...NOT they are Silicone to make them air tight. So off to the used tire store and had all tires removed for $20. After that I found the Silicone was on there thick which was very time consuming too.
    RH ZW4 start to complete restoration by [url=]
    RH ZW4ís Breaking them down by [url=]
    Finally had all lips separated from barrels and thought it's a breeze from here! NOPE The powder coat to the Aluminum was virtually impossible to get off. I first tried regular paint stripper which didn't even budge it. then heard you can sand blast them so brought one over to a buddy's house and that barely affected it. Then read I'd have to use Airplane stripper. This slowly worked but you had to were gloves, goggles and a mask (it's some toxic stuff) I found you have to leave it on for a good while and that only takes some of it at a time.
    RH ZW4 stripping the old Powder Coat of with Industrial Airplane stripper by [url=]
    This was getting to me bad because I have COPD and Asthma. after research I found a shop Global Tire in Lawrenceville GA which would strip the powder coat repair the lips and polish the lips for $360. to me that sounded great because I was going nowhere with the rate I was going. I ended up though buying two new 1.25 lips and only had them polish the 3.25 lip to make it a true Staggered set up at 18x9.5/8. The other 2.75 lip is semi-polished and got it listed on Ebay if they don't sell may list them here or include with these as an alternative size.
    RH ZW4ís Barrels back from Acid Dip by [url=]
    RH ZW4 with two New lips and other two lips repaired-all polished by [url=]
    I then decided to semi-polish the barrels I found 100 then 220 then extra fine steel wool to work best. I went over them three different times thoroughly to get them smooth.
    Sanding the RH Barrelsc by [url=]
    I got the barrels to a very smooth semi-polished finish.
    RH ZW4 Fine polishing Barrels by [url=]
    Then I was going to clear coat them myself but hears several say a rattle can just wont cut it! So wen back to the boys at Global Tire in Lawrenceville, GA and they powder coted clear for $40 a tire.
    RH ZW4 Wheels polished and fresh Clear Coat by [url=]
    This is where I'm at now I go pick them up tomorrow (Monday) and I have all new Chrome split rim hardware to put on them. I have had some serious financial obligations and may have to sell. I know soon as I get them I'll fall in love with them again. I was also able to clean up original caps fairly well too.
    RH ZW4 new stock 12 point Bolts. by [url=]
    RH Caps by [url=]
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    Didn't like the caps so got new ones split rim bolts are only thing left
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