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Thread: Bagged Skyline - New Jersey

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    Default Bagged Skyline - New Jersey

    Took a couple of updated shots of the ride, she came a long way
    so did a couple of changes, went with cosmis racing wheels 18x9 et 25 with a nice 215/40/18
    also went the airforcesuspension with airlift 3p management, car rides amazing, here are a few pics below.
    IMG_3046 by Dan O, on Flickr
    IMG_3045 by Dan O, on Flickr
    IMG_3043 by Dan O, on Flickr
    IMG_3040 by Dan O, on Flickr
    IMG_3038 by Dan O, on Flickr

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    Im a fan

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    wheels look great on this

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    some upgraded pics from import expo, did the alot of work to it since i last posted.

    sale 9 by Dan O, on Flickr

    sale 8 by Dan O, on Flickr

    interior by Dan O, on Flickr

    IMG_4132 by Dan O, on Flickr

    fire by Dan O, on Flickr

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    The white on red is on point!

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    Colour scheme reminds me of the legendary Bathurst 1000 car. Looks great!

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    Looks great.

    Love the wheels.

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    So Prepping for another year with the Skyline and did a lot this year, Just Finished the wheels and here is a little Teaser. Working on getting this puppy a little more horsepower thanks to Haltech and Garrett.

    Check it out:

    Let me know what you guys think?

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