Hi all,
haven't been active on the forums for a bit, and unfortunately going to have to continue to downsize my collection including the "sets I wouldn't sell" so as to not have to consider selling any of the cars - so heres one of them.. bbs e88, brand new. these have the following details

front 18x9 2.5" outer/6.5" inner. face PN 0288120, silver face. new everything.
rear 18x11 3.5" outer/7.5" inner face PN 0288108, silver face, new everything.

wheels were originally sent from bbs motorsport division disassembled as I dont like the level of polish the put on the outer lips. so I re-polished the outers, then assembled. added my motorsport billet center cap adapters and real blue/chrome bbs logos 70mm.

here are a few shots. if someone wants to purchase and needs specific info, feel free to email studio.delucav@gmail.com.

oh and price is 4500$ firm. this is about 1250 off of the discounted retail and priced at what most used sets go for... so dont bother to lowball or question unless you intend to pay the asking. pick up in NY or shipping available inside the US for 140$ additional.