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    I think this is my third build thread now? Anyway, a brief history of my time on StanceWorks:

    Polarizing Filter Test by kyrinbingaman, on Flickr

    So I had this hoopty for a hot minute, this was my first manual, first coupe, had the opportunity to take it to my senior prom. Made a lot of friends and learned a lot about cars through it. Blew a few VQs in it and wanted to swap in an LS.

    LSX 350z by kyrinbingaman, on Flickr

    During the process of ripping the engine and wiring out.

    LS 350Z by kyrinbingaman, on Flickr

    This is how far I got with the car. I ended up selling the Z to move to Philadelphia.

    IMG_7802 by kyrinbingaman, on Flickr

    Brought this jawn to the city of brotherly love.

    But, to take it back five years. When I first got my T3i to film scooter videos, I was taking photos too! They weren't that good, but I continued to post them on my Facebook.

    Lucid by kyrinbingaman, on Flickr

    So! A Facebook friend had messaged me asking me if I could take photos of his car, I said hell yea! This was the car.

    Nissan 240sx by kyrinbingaman, on Flickr

    It was RB20 swapped, on coilovers and Square G8 wheels. I uploaded the album to Facebook, of course, and one of his friends asked me to come to a private track and take photos of his car drifting.

    006 by kyrinbingaman, on Flickr

    123 by kyrinbingaman, on Flickr

    124 by kyrinbingaman, on Flickr

    127 by kyrinbingaman, on Flickr

    Another Zenki S14!

    IMG_5435 by kyrinbingaman, on Flickr

    In case you're curious, this is what his car looks like now.

    So that brings me to why I'm making a build thread titled Full Circle.

    240SX Build Thread by Kyrin Bingaman, on Flickr

    Came across a 240 that was in the budget of what I wanted to spend. Frame is clean, it needs some love, but this model of car is what has brought me on a journey in a hobby that has given me so many life-long friends and great experiences that I will never forget.

    240SX Build Thread by Kyrin Bingaman, on Flickr

    Its a stock KA24DE, minus a five speed swap. Full interior, uncracked dash. 300,000 miles.

    240SX Build Thread by Kyrin Bingaman, on Flickr

    Regarding plans for this car: I plan to fix the sad quarter panels, I'll probably replace with some 30mm overfenders and cut out the rust.

    240SX Build Thread by Kyrin Bingaman, on Flickr

    I also plan to get a full kit for the car, coilovers, and wheels. One thing I learned with the Z is that I need to go enjoy the car! That poor thing sat in my parents driveway for a year and I missed the hell out of just going out for a drive in it!

    240SX Build Thread by Kyrin Bingaman, on Flickr

    Even though it has 300,000 miles, the buyer was in Cincinnati. I met him in Pittsburgh then drove it back from there. No hiccups on a 8 hour total trip for the old girl!

    Hope you guys tune in for progress, I will also be doing updates via Instagram on my page

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    I love 240s. Can't wait to see how this goes

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    Good luck with the build! I have airlift rear bags specific to this car, if you’re goin that route. Only 1500 miles on them. Northern Jersey.
    Always have cars for sale. Fast e21 bimmer. Bagged 9th gen civic

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    Woah woah woahhhhhh! Haven't updated this since I bought the car due to taking a massive paycut and then having rent on top of that, so mods weren't in the budget!

    I've since moved back in with my parents as I start to save for a house and started working at my old gig making better money again.

    IMG_8685 by Kyrin Bingaman, on Flickr

    Within the first two days of me moving back I was out hanging with all my old car friends! This car is owned by the same guy who had the black Zenki in the original post.

    IMG_9034 by Kyrin Bingaman, on Flickr

    Went to the local track to shoot some skid racers.

    IMG_8831 by Kyrin Bingaman, on Flickr

    For Fox's sake!

    IMG_8872 by Kyrin Bingaman, on Flickr

    IMG_8772 by Kyrin Bingaman, on Flickr

    Posted up on a friends grom for a new facebook profile pic

    240 Build Thread by Kyrin Bingaman, on Flickr

    Oh look! Another Nissan on jackstands in my parent's driveway!

    240 Build Thread by Kyrin Bingaman, on Flickr

    You vs the guy she tells you not to worry about. My friend with the S13 was kind enough to gift me a welded diff for taking photos of his car. I had to swap diff covers because he wants the J30 cover back.

    240 Build Thread by Kyrin Bingaman, on Flickr

    Some friends came over to help

    240 Build Thread by Kyrin Bingaman, on Flickr

    Painted my rear cover, not sure if you'll be able to see it or not.

    That's all for now! Hoping to get coilovers and arms within the next few weeks and take it out to the track!

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