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Thread: Revival of a 1960 Beetle

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    Default Revival of a 1960 Beetle

    This is Betty. I found her in a garage sitting beside a burger grill for the last 30 years. Fortunately for Betty, that collection of grease helped preserve her 70ís paint job and also kept her almost 100% rust free.

    Over the past couple of years Iíve slowly worked on getting her back on the road. New brakes, suspension, engine, interior. Sheís gone through a few iterations already and will likely go through more as I canít stop with my wheel ADD.

    Here she is now in all her glory.

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    Awesome job! sweet ride

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    Super cool vw!


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    man old bugs will always be cool!

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    Awesome job!super cool vw

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    Quote Originally Posted by bendict View Post
    Nice work! I love the wheels in the last pic.
    Thanks! Something you don’t see to often on a beetle. Custom built SSR Auswuch

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    That's a Beetle on steroids! Love it! What's the next thing you're looking to add or change on her?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rueter View Post
    That's a Beetle on steroids! Love it! What's the next thing you're looking to add or change on her?
    Thanks! Finishing up the airride in the rear and building a one-off set of wheels

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    Awesome transformation of that beautiful Beetle. Incredible job man.

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    Amazing job, looks really cool! Look at pregnancy pillows at pregily

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    Beetle is my dream... love it!

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    Looks great man!

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    Can't go wrong with a classic beetle.
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    Some new wheels coming soon...

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    I am appreciating it very much!

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    timeless car!

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    I discover this too late!
    Car is amazing, and I love it with the SSR

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    Appreciate all the comments. Here’s a new one with my new wheels on

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