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    Anybody knows which wheel is this?


    I'm looking for a 4x114.3 version. Can also be similar. What I like about it are the details around the lip and the way the spokes join the rim. This is what makes it somewhat different from a run of the mill 5 spoke wheel. And also that it is concave in shape. Anybody knows what it is or of something extremely similar? Thanks.

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    Those are Mille Miglia Evo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KyleAnderson View Post
    Those are Mille Miglia Evo.
    Thanks. Anything similar? Can't seem to find them in the 4 bolt pattern I need. They seem to be a discontinued model as well. So my only chance is finding used and it doesn't seem likely.

    But I'm not looking for ultra expensive wheels though. This is for a project car.

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    Mille Miglia

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    i also need wheels for my towing truck i have ford 6.4L which i use for 24 Hour Towing in New York, Any recommendation?

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    I am also looking for the best wheel. If anyone is having the information about this share it here. Want to know more about smsc for jio here you will get complete details about this.

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