Hi all,

I know this is my first post so bear with me

I drive a Honda Civic EP2 in championship white. The car originally was silver so had a full respray. Has had a full turbo Garrett conversion on the D16. I've been told by previous owner that all the work was custom and running 240BHP at 14PSI. The car was also magazine featured apparently (If anyone knows which magazine please reply)...

Specs are as follows:
Championship white
Garrett Turbo
3" Straight exhaust with screamer
Spoon backbox
AEM Cam pulley
Lowering springs (was on coilovers)
17" Lenso wheels
Rear Camber Arm
Beaks Lower Strut Brace
Boost Controller
Uprated injectors
Aftermarket induction filter
Uprated intercooler
Mugen spoiler
Rare Mugen front bumper/splitter
Type R rear bumper with diffuser
Type R side skirts
Mugen Ducktail Spoiler
Original JDM headlights
Team Heko wind deflectors
Custom fitted boot stitched and quilted
Vibe/Edge amp
Rear Parking sensors
Custom red original Honda quilted seats
Custom rear seats
Brembo Drilled and grooved discs
JDM Tow hook

I know I may have missed a few items but this is what I can actually remember right now.

I am trying to locate the previous owner but no response so if you have any info please reply to this thread also.

It doesn't doesn't let me attach pictures so here's the link: