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Thread: Universal air bags for SC300/400

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    Default Universal air bags for SC300/400

    New to the site and it seems and can not get any info or help from other forums. Hopefully I will here.

    I pretty much have everything i need for my air suspension. Compressors, tank, wiring, manifold, hoses, management… except for the air bags.

    I’m thinking about purchasing the airbags that go over the stock shocks from UAS.

    They Look very nice but a lil pricey.

    Would anyone know if the universal air bags on eBay would fit on my stock struts? Anyone with experience with the eBay universal bags?
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    Hey guys, I’m a new 370Z owner looking to start modifications on my car. I generally know what I want to do with everything but suspension. A lot of people are telling me to do air bags and others to get BC coilovers. What would y’all suggest and why? Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail 10 Minute Mail

    Currently a daily driver- looking to drift once it’s a little older.
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