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Thread: Dumb question: Can rebuild with step lips on wheels that currently have reverse lips?

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    Question Dumb question: Can rebuild with step lips on wheels that currently have reverse lips?

    *I don't have pictures now, but I can update this thread next time I'm at my storage facility.*

    Hello friends! Please forgive my stupid question. I'm new to rebuilding three piece wheels, but not new to stance and fitment.

    I have a set of 18" Weds Kranze Bazreias. As far as I know, they are 100% original. Looking at the barrels of the wheel, they look like step lips look—the different sized staggered rings, working their way up in diameter.

    However, the lips look like reverse lips with a roll at the end. So, it looks like a reverse lip on a step barrel.

    I'm going to rebuild the wheels this winter (coming quickly, boo) and I'd like to order the right parts once. I've done all of the proper math, and I know what widths I'd like to do. I prefer the look of step lips, but I'd rather not replace the barrel as well. So if reverse lips are the only thing that works, I'll go with reverse instead.

    Help a brother out. Thanks in advance!

    Edit: Here's the same wheel (different spec). Barrels look steppy, lips look reverse-y.
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    you can put any style lip on any center. Reverse lips are flat, so they tend not to allow you to achieve the larger diameter wheel unless your center is large like leon hardiritts. The step or double step lips will usually get you to a larger diameter wheel with the same center instead of reverse lips.

    The photo you provided from wheelflip has a reverse lip (flat) and the barrel has to be step because in order to get a tire seated with a valve, it needs a drop center. Since the lip is reverse, the barrel has to have the drop center so you can get a tire on the wheel. A lot of wheels with barrel mounted valves have the drop center on the barrels. Work wheels do this on their VS-XX's.

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