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Thread: FS : 1992 S13 RHD Big Turbo RB25, Shaved, Tubbed, Tucked

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    Default FS : 1992 S13 RHD Big Turbo RB25, Shaved, Tubbed, Tucked

    I'm actually selling it this time. It's actually time to move on. I keep telling myself that anyway. For sale only. No trades. In case you missed it, NO TRADES.

    It's becoming way too much of a hassle finding places to store it and my condo association won't let me keep it at my place because they're stupid.

    Work wheels NOT included in but could potentially be worked in depending on the deal.

    Iíve owned this car for the last 5 years and started out as a rolling shell. Completely rust and rot free. Does pretty cool burnouts.

    1992 240sx hatch
    Needs a front bumper
    Cluster says 170k but I had to replace the original which only had 105k at the time.
    Engine bay fully shaved, tubbed, and tucked wiring
    Sprayed Valencia Orange from the BMW 1M

    S1 RB25DET
    Apexi PowerFC
    Holset HY35
    Nismo 740cc injectors
    Walbro 255 hi flow fuel pump
    Tial 38mm wastegate
    Tial Q 50mm BOV
    Custom 3Ē turbo back straight pipe
    McKinney motor mounts
    Driveshaft Shop single piece driveshaft
    Front mount/piping brand unknown
    Freddy intake mani
    OS Giken Super Single clutch

    Top end refresh when swapping motor in (less than 5k miles):
    OEM head gasket
    OEM water pump
    OEM timing belt
    OEM timing belt tensioner, pulley, and spring
    OEM valve seals
    ARP head studs
    OEM gasket set

    Work Equip Anhelo, pretty rare from what Iíve seen (just rebuilt last year)
    18x10.5 -1 (4 inch lips)
    18x11.5 -17 (4.5 inch lips)
    Rear tires are smoked

    Fortune Auto 500 coils
    ISR rear toe arms
    Tein tension rods

    Right hand drive (obviously)
    Bride Low Max as real as my Tinder matches
    4 point cage

    It has a misfire when warm. 96% sure it's the coil packs. Last time I had this issue, it was the coil packs being old and shitty. Remedied it by using liquid electrical tape (if you know RB's, you know this is a problem and solution). I'd probably throw some Splitfires in or something. Probably needs a retune too. Ran a little on the rich side last year when I was driving it. Needs a new passenger side seat rail. The one on that side is originally a RHD drivers side but I flipped it for the passenger side. Either get a new rail or cut the tab, flip, and reweld the tab the mounts to the trans tunnel because it bends in the opposite way. And a bumper.

    I have a lot more pics and the whole build is documented on both Zilvia and Instagram. Feel free to ask for whatever other pics you want.

    Other than that, buy, start, drop clutch, burnout. That's all it's used for anyway.

    $10k OBO

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    What state are you in?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DariusWelds619 View Post
    What state are you in?
    I live in NH. The car is currently located in Central MA.

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