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Thread: Bagged MK6 Golf R

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    Default Bagged MK6 Golf R

    I am selling my MK6 Golf R, it has around 79,000 on the odometer and has been fairly well kept. I have driven it as my daily for the past 2 years and am thinking about switching to something new. The car is stage 2+, has air suspension and a a bunch of supporting mods. I have service receipts for everything I can think of, all non regular work like oil changes done by Sams Euro in Bow,NH. The full mod list is below that I can think of off the top of my head, I have all of the stock parts that you can have with the car if you want it including a second front bumper that is basically a winter bumper because it is cracked at the bottom.

    I love the car, drives amazing and is very fast and sounds great for a what it is.
    Shoot me offers or ask me any questions you have about the car.
    Do research if need be about the parts list, I have a lot of money into the car.

    Full Mod List -

    Airlift Suspension - Airlift 3p, performance front struts, koni sport rear struts
    H&R Front and rear sway bars
    034 Motorsport rear sway bar end links, have fronts as well just never put them on
    Tyrol Deadset Kit
    Innfab Rear upper control arms
    Stop Tech Slotted Rotors
    Stop Tech Sport Pads

    Engine Work-
    APR High Pressure Fuel Pump
    Integrated Engineering Cold Air Intake
    APR Cast Downpipe
    AWE Tuning Track Edition Catback with polished tips
    APR Intercooler

    South Bend Stage 2 Daily Clutch and Flywheel
    APR Short Throw Shifter

    Rotiform RSE 18x8.5 et 45
    Nitto Neogen 235/45/18

    Rotiform SEA 3 Piece 18x9.5 et27 and 18x10 et30
    nankangs 215/40 and 225/40
    $4,000 Retail

    Dutch Parts Co. Front Splitter
    Dutch Parts Co. Side Skirts
    35% Front Tint
    5% Rear Tint
    OEM Euro R Tail Lights

    Billetworkz Shift Knob
    Black Forest Industries Alcantara Shift Boot
    Uninstalled P3 Digital Boost guage with boost tap

    can take any parts off and put stock ones back in if wanted and drop price a bit. Any questions let me know.

    instagram @nickbrenske

    only letting me upload one photo, but you can see the instagram or contact me for more

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickmk6r View Post
    Did you sell the wheels too? Good job with the sale dude
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    Looks amazing

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